Newspapers of Mount Carmel


The Mt. Carmel Progress was the pioneer newspaper of the borough, established in December, 1877, by Owen Fowler. It was printed on a Columbia lever press, and was in form a folio an eighth-sheet in size, making its appearance semi-monthly. In March, 1878, the name became Home News, and the paper was published weekly. In 1879 M. K. Watkins became proprietor; he changed the name to Mt. Carmel News, and enlarged the dimensions of the sheet. E. E. White became editor in 1881, when the size was further increased. In the following year the entire outfit of the Gloucester City Tribune was removed from Gloucester, New Jersey, by Mr. Watkins, thus increasing the facilities of the office to an appreciable extent. Mr. White acquired a proprietary interest in 1883, and during the following four years the paper was published by the firm of Watkins & White. In April, 1887, Mr. Watkins retired in favor of R. J. Wilson, and the paper was published by White & Wilson until February 1, 1891, when Professor White disposed of his interest to Mr. Wilson, who has since continued the publication individually. The News is now an eight-column folio, and has been published semi-weekly since August, 1889. It is Republican in politics.

The Weekly Item, an advertising medium for gratuitous distribution, was first issued on the 7th of January, 1888, by L. W. Gheen, who was succeeded on the 7th of December, 1889, by Will B. Wilson, the present proprietor. It is a five-column folio, and is published weekly.

The Mount Carmel Item, a daily newspaper in that neighboring community, was purchased in 1964. Founded by the late W. Penn Kemble, a contemporary of Mr. Hoover, the paper was combined with the NewsDispatch to form the present News-ltem in 1968. In January 1997, The News-Item was purchased by the Times-Shamrock Corporation of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Mt. Carmel American made its first appearance on the 30th of August, 1890, as a five-column folio for gratuitous distribution. On the 1st of January, 1891, "Mt. Carmel" was substituted for "Weekly" in the caption, the paper was enlarged to its present size (a seven-column folio), and brought to a subscription basis. Burke & Sterner established the paper, but Sterner withdrew after the issue of the second number; Thomas N. Burke then continued the paper individually until January 1, 1891, when William J. Thomas became associated with him, and the present publishers are Burke & Thomas. The American is independent in politics with Democratic proclivities.

The Tri-Weekly American, first issued on the 2d of January, 1891, by Curtis Sterner, suspended three weeks later.

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